The Span project continues exploration of tectonics with a basis in wooden form. We explored the role of the detail in overall formal design, and iterated heavily throughout the process to create a design with multiple, hierarchical geometric layers. We focused on physical prototyping and the creation of drawings for the manufacturing process. Conceptually, we designed the system to use seamless friction joinery, allowing integration of multiple hierarchical layers.

The project is free-standing and bridges a distance between two points. It is meant to support the weight of one adult sitting over a breadth of 48" with no fixed mounting points or adhesives. It supports two.

In collaboration with Alina Kramkova. Spring 2016.

[-] Concept Model

[-] Final Wood Prototype

[-] Final Wood Prototype

[-] Prototype Details

[-] Assembly Sequence - Base

[-] Assembly Sequence - Layer 2

[-] Assembly Sequence - Layer 3

[-] Assembly Sequence - Integration