This project aimed to developing computational tools and digital fabrication methods to enable the design process of embedding reactive, electromechanical systems into rigid concrete panels. It extends the work of Profs. Cupkova and Bryne’s ongoing research project, Sentient Concrete: Developing Embedded Thermal and Thermochromic Interactions for Architecture and Built Environment. This research was a highly collaborative effort, and I contributed fabrication and prototyping throughout the process.

Particularly, I worked through fabrication process to determine material suitability,iteratively developed specific method for high-fidelity CNC routing, cast silicon molds and concrete panels that set up a quick method of production for future panel-making.

The following images are from various stages the project, artefacts and fabrication results throughout the research process. All work was performed under the close guidance of Dana Cupkova and Daragh Byrne. Papers containing this work have been submitted for consideration to ACM SIGCHI, CAADRIA, IBPC, and others as part of ongoing research. Additionally, a version of this project was exhibited at Carnegie Mellon's "Designing The Computational Image", a symposium on computational design sponsored by the Graham Foundation in October 2017.

[-] Milled Sine Pattern

[-] Emeregent Patterning

[-] Panel Artefacts

[-] Panel Setups

[-] Concrete Paneling

[-] Functioning Gallery Display Panel

[-] Thermal Scanning Embedded Wires

[-] Pattern Design Process Projection