This project aimed to developing computational tools and digital fabrication methods to enable the design process of embedding reactive, electromechanical systems into rigid concrete panels. It extends the work of Profs. Cupkova and Bryne’s ongoing research project, Sentient Concrete: Developing Embedded Thermal and Thermochromic Interactions for Architecture and Built Environment. This research was a highly collaborative effort, and while much work was dedicated to pursuing the overall project, I focused particular effort on developing computational strategies and tooling.

For this tooling, I developed a collection of specific and general-case scripts for 3D surface generation, pattern simulation, and responsive drawing as part of an initial toolset meant to further generative strategies. Additionally, I developed a set of methodsfor 3D print file generation and thermal surface simulation within Grasshopper, which push the boundaries of what is currently possible using Grasshopper.

Additionally, I developed a library of multithreaded, performance focused C# components that extend Grasshopper’s native capabilities compiled as a plugin, making all of the other tools developed as part of this study more portable and feasible to use at a high level of fidelity.

The following images are excerpts from the project, artefacts of visualisation during the development process, and images of simulations made possible through the project's toolkit.

Papers containing results from the tooling's work have been submitted for consideration to ACM SIGCHI, CAADRIA, IBPC, and others as part of ongoing research.

[-] Sine Pattern Generation

[-] Connectivity Analysis

[-] Basin Anaylsis

[-] Data Structure Visualisation

[-] Thermal Analysis

[-] Responsive Surface Thermal Simulation

[-] Flow Simulation - Result

[-] 3D Printed Mesh - Result