A six week design-build project, working with organic gardeners on the roof of the David L. Lawrence Convention Centre in downtown Pittsburgh. The hoop house utilises simple, easily deployable materials to create effective and non-traditional planter forms. The design can be adapted to fit to almost any planter proportion. Prototyping was done at a small scale, and the final product created using 3/4" diameter steel conduit piping and heat shrink plastic. The design focuses on patterned modularity and simplicity in construction, as well as wind resistance, insulation, and ease of access. Computational tools were leveraged throughout the design process as form-finding techniques and as manufacturing aids.

In collaboration with: Skyler Adamski, Christina Brown, Dina Chen, Rachel Park, and Scarlet Tong. Fall 2016.

[-] Final Product

[-] Installation

[-] Finished House

[-] Active Use

[-] Access Motion

[-] Assembly Process - Framing

[-] Assembly Process - Jointing

[-] Assembly Process - Access