Six-week studio project with a focus on understanding the cultural impact of New Media, and utilising architectural elements and construction detailing to create a meaningful affect and environment.

Programmatically, the Center plays host to a programmatic intersection of office space for incubating startups, and a 'new media' space for avant-garde artists to display work. The project takes a strong position towards this programmatic dichotomy by responding through its formal langauge - while a strict grid logic and exposed structure dominates the outer office areas, the shielded interior gallery is completely contained within a smooth, curvilinear space. This serves the additional purpose of highlighting the element of control: the artist has absolute license over the interior space, while the workers outside can make use of plentiful natural light.

The project is also aware of its urban context, attempting to revitalise the area around it in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh by creating public greenspace with a variety of nooks, and providing open access to its interior cafe and atrium spaces.

[-] Concept - Atrium

[-] Concept - Courtyard

[-] Concept - Gallery

[-] Site Section

[-] Ground Floor

[-] Top Floor

[-] Lighting and Public Space

[-] Concept Model

[-] Wall Section Detail